Of What's To Become

August 14, 2008
By Allison Holman, Reston, VA

I scatter the pictures around the room
Each a journey into every memory
I stare into the crystal eyes of one so young
She’s blonde and small and carefree too
While the next is only just half grown, alone
But still she’s smiling through the fall

For a moment one catches my eye
She’s hopeful, and wistful
With a heart not yet broken
And her eyes-only half open

I skip a few and there she lies
The girl I knew not too long ago
Simple and true
Always happy when she should be sad
Unknowing of the world that lies beyond the walls of her room

I wish they all could open their eyes wide and see
The girl they’re growing up to be, is me

I look at that picture
Taken only yesterday
So staged, so fake, so horribly misplaced

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