To Fly

August 14, 2008
By Christine Garibian, Glendale, CA

To fly,
That is
My one dream.

To gaze in awe
At my golden
As they blaze
A path through
The forbidden
Night sky.

To close my eyes
Against the gravity
Hurling against me
And feel the freedom
Of the clouds
With every fiber
Of my soul

To stretch out

My heart;

Relieve it of the cramps
That the earth
Has given.

To float
Towards Luna’s
Beckoning glow,
And twist and twirl
The smiling craters.

I ache now
For a chance
To fly.

A chance to leave
My problem-ridden world
And tumble
Upon the rings of Saturn.

A chance to live life
As it was meant
To be

That is my one dream.

To fly.

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