The Dark Waltz

August 14, 2008
By christine garibian, Glendale, CA

It's a perilous game
I play with shadows.
They slip like mercury
Out of my grasp.

But I am Good,
I am a diplomat,
And such is my duty
To those above me.
And at the present,
Duty calls…

My silk skirt rustles
As I move to
Accept a dance
From Lord Dark.

With a gracious smile,
I dip a curtsy
As the Dark stares
Longingly at the
Innocent curve
Of my neck.

With the first touch
Of our hands,
I already feel the pull
I’ve been instructed

With each step,
His silent promise of power
Dulls my thoughts and will.
Now I see which army
The Poppy Warriors
Are fighting for…

1 2 3
The violins screech
In eerie harmony.

The ghoulish orchestra
Speeds up
Speeds up
Until all I’ve ever known
Is but a dizzy dream.

Lord Dark sweeps me off
My feet.
It's becoming harder
And harder not to succumb.
My feet no longer touch
The ground,
The lure of the power
Is growing
Too strong…

If I trip now,
The waltz is ruined.
There’s still a chance
To save
This life…

But, oh, the power promised
In return for just one
Just one
Oh, how I wish…

I cannot—must not—accept,
And so I stumble off
To flirt

With shadows


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