A Lesson in Linguistics

August 14, 2008
What do you do
When there’s too much distance
Between the heart’s
Whispered wishes
And the language of reality?

When what’s in your head
Isn’t what’s in your heart,
And neither agree
With the real world

Sometimes, I think it’s better
To be blissfully ignorant,
Happy amidst the burning ashes
Raining down upon your head.

Alas, it is not to be.
Jarring reality
Is the hard truth,
The truth I’m too lost
To realize.

My heart whispers go
And my head yells stop,
While I am just floating
In the yellow zone,
Somewhere between
Red and green.

I start at the beginning,
But the finish line
I never see,
For I’ve lost my mind
Throughout the course
Of the race.

When you have your heart
On one shoulder
And you head on the other,
With both spewing gibberish
Into your unwilling ears,

What do you do?
Where do you go?
To keep from going mad
In a trilingual mess?

Well, I guess I’ll never see,
Because it’s way too late
For me.

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