Girl In The Mirror

August 13, 2008
By Allison Holman, Reston, VA

When I look in the mirror
There’s someone I see
Who’s a stranger, even to me
She’s everything you want of me
But all the things I could never be

So for a while
I will pretend
To be someone
I’ve never been
Till the day
You can look and see
The girl in the mirror
Will never be me

But as I look in the mirror
I can’t help but stare
At the girl who appears
The girl who appears to be me
And as everything changes
I stand still
For all to see
Always the same

So I look in the mirror
I’ll tell you what I see
I see the girl looking back at me
She’s wearing a smile
That’s broken inside
The tears are falling
But her screams I can’t hear
The reflection is broken
Left without a trace
Facing despair
she’s hiding her disgrace

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