August 13, 2008
By Chelsea Webster, Spring, TX

Why do you treat me as if I am dirt stuck on the surface of your life?

I trusted and believed you yet when I turned around it all became untrue.

You tell your friends I was too afraid.
Truth is it was all just a test.

From which the results proved you NEVER loved me you just wanted in my pants.

WHy does she hate me so much?
What did I ever do to her?!

She thinks I am trying to steal you back.
To which I say she can have you!

Because the day you lied I no longer felt the love I once had the trust I once felt.

I just imagine why you would trust her over your own friends.

They are the only ones you got the only ones who will defend.

I bet if you had a choice you would choose her over your own best friend.

I know the day will come when she hurts you and believe me it will.

And when it does you will find me already gone and never coming back.

So I have six words for you as I leave.........I REALLY HOPE SHE'S WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!

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