Bullets Collide

August 13, 2008
By Christopher Yost-Proctor, Plano, TX

It takes one eye to aim
It takes one finger to pull the trigger
It takes one person to be the target

As I look into your eyes
I see your world flashing by
Full of hate
Full of pride
No one spares the questions
Breeding fear with violence of pain
Seemed to be a bit insane
Yet you stand on top of the hill
Signaling to every kill
Cross fire bullets stream through mid air
Killing here, Killing there
The day has come
The time is here
When morals and reality dissapear
This is the generation
This is the new fear
Everyone watches
Others will hear
Sit back and relax
Enjoy the show
One more day
This world will blow

Every one pick a side
Today is the day
When bullets collide

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