August 13, 2008

Lilies of the valley are in full blossom --
Their ivory bells curve downward as teardrops.
She smells the flowers.
Rays of sunshine glisten beneath the shade;
Songbirds rest upon the branches.
She explores the moist earth
With a faint smile.

A serpent slithers behind the girl.
He asks, Did you consider what I said?
You will not die --
But she fears disobeying,
Fears death, and the unknown.

The branches reach toward the sunset
Carrying savory fruits, as red as blood.
An earthy scent
Swirls with the rustling of leaves.

The serpent says, Remember our conversation,
Leaving the girl with her fantasies.
How she longs to pluck a fruit from its stem,
Trace her fingers over its smooth surface,
And taste a morsel of beauty.
How succulent the fruit must be --
A bittersweet lusciousness.
How heavenly its juice.
How intoxicating to learn of good and evil.

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