Buried Treasure

August 12, 2008
By Mercedes Brown, Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Your love is like a buried treasure, very hard to find, almost impossible to reach, but very valuable once discovered. So many people try to look for it, they search everywhere but the task at hand is to hard to handle,their hands become worn out of digging for you, so they give up.but i never did i kept digging deeper and deeper, and now that your found. everyone's out to get you, everywhere i look there they are over here, over there. following us, ripping down the doors trying every way possible to get you.your love is RARE. but they can't have you because now i hold the key to everlasting happiness. "I'M RICH"

The author's comments:
umm i love to write poetry and all of my writting come from the heart and most of the poems i write is true and really happened but they only way i could say it was through my writting.

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