Lost in the notes

August 12, 2008
By Nicole Renee, Flint, MI

its like im lost in the notes of music...going through life measure by measure beat by beat...looking around at all the things that could be but wont because all i hear is the throbbing pain of that whole note beating inside me...like a desire to hear with no ears, i feel as if this music will be all I know the music will just know me...I am trapped in this music waiting for it to let me free yet i am the one who is in control of me...yet i am to blinded by the highlighted sharps and flats that the chance of me excaping this melody of staccato combution is very futile...though how i feel is very empatic to me yet people walk around as if they see nothing but a young girl using music as her catharsis little do they know the music is using me...see the gregariousness of this music is so beyond me that when you talk to me I only speak of the notes inside me...

The author's comments:
This poem is for all the music lovers...i was inspired by the music on my ipod...i love music it is my #1 inspiration.
<3 Nicole!

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