Open hearts surgery

August 12, 2008
By Nicole Renee, Flint, MI

Laying wide awake no sound to make as I lay with your light bright in my face with no expresion to make the confusional pain caused by the same way the same as the way that was done on that july rainy day wait...while awake you go in and take the parts that make me your emotional to play the same game of an emotional lame that can't walk alone unless crutched by emotions of feeling loved...kissed on rubbed and lust after is the only love I rushed after to reprogram the love actor of my heart after you feed my lies blended together with the disgised of being the "just because its wednesday" kind of guy... feed with the spoon of those dreamy eyes I had for you until you deside to play the game reserved for that perfect time that you so thought you planed...almost had you did until the real of your baby had to step out and realize what was in those lust filled you go and plan your life as you think it may be go ahead move away from your responsibilities and leave...just make sure that you realize that this life you live can only be lived for this one time don't look back and say if I only had heart surgery perfomed by me to only bring out the coley the baby that only wanted to be pleasing withought actually getting pleased emotionally and inttelegently...I didn't trust you in the begining... I opperate on a level of I don't trust you unless you prove to me that I can...then you will be handed the scalple and perfom open heart surgey on me physically........and to think you almost had me..the it that you wanted to badly!........

The author's comments:
I am very passionate about poetry i have been writing for about 12 years off and on. I get a lot of my ideas from real life experience but i can take almost anything i see and turn into a poetic creation.I also am inspired by all kinds of music. I guess you could say im in love with the melodys of my ipod.<3 Nicole Renee!

This peice open hearts surgery was inspired from a relationship with a boy that seemed to have a sensitie heart so by me being a warm hearted person i tried to protect his feelings more than mine wich resulted into me getting hurt. So from this piece understand yourself and the ones you love.

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