Tell Me, Was It Worth It?

December 27, 2012
By Feeling..Alone SILVER, Bainbridge, Ohio
Feeling..Alone SILVER, Bainbridge, Ohio
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The words you said, they got to my heart, it's like you threw me away, after you tore me apart.
What's the point of trying when you won't listen to me.
I was all true, while she was all lies, and for you I surrender my heart, so watch as it dies.

Tell me it was worth it, because I'm not sure, you lost me, and you got her, looking back, I didn't know what this would be, I was expecting something great, not you losing me, you made promises, none of which you kept, your feelings may be gone, but mine never left, why would you do this to me?, I thought you were the one, you hurt me to much, then I said I was done, did I leave, or was I already gone?, none of this matters, clearly you've moved on, I keep thinking about it, and I don't know why, every time I do, I tend to cry, I can't let this go, it cut to deep, every single lie, the promises you didn't keep, what hurt the most, is what you denied, you told me you loved me, then you said it was a lie, I still don't know what happened, I always said what was true, I never lied, at least not to you, you'll never understand, though you never even tried, but why this hurt so much, is because you lied, I know she makes you happy, that's what I hate, it should be me, I guess I was to late, don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're okay, their is nothing I want more, than to see you smile everyday, maybe it happened for a reason, one I'll never know, I may stop thinking about it, but I'll never let it go, you say it was worth it, I find that hard to believe, you got her, but you lost me.

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