The Reason I Live

December 27, 2012
I say I'll forgive you
I don't think I ever would
but, I'd run to you now
if only I could
it means nothing to you
the words that I say
I mean nothing to you
and that's not okay
it's not what it should be
things are all wrong
all those hateful words
have been said to long
I love you
you hate me
I don't exist to you anymore
this isn't how it should be
I miss you so much
you have forgotten me
I wish I could realize
this is the end, but it shouldn't be
things need to change
or you will forever be gone
but I promise you
I'll never move on
I want you back in my life
I want you back in my heart
sooner or later I'll fade away
my world will slowly fall apart
I have one thing to say
it's that you are a liar
you ripped my heart out
and caught our love on fire
it slowly burned away
you watched through it all
you did nothing but stand there
and watch me fall
go ahead, keep lying
our love is already gone
it doesn't matter now
you've already moved on
I can tell by the way you talk
by the way you stare
you want me back in your life
but you wouldn't dare
you might miss me
or you may not
I want you back
I miss you a lot
will I forget you
and your precious smile?
I might
but it will take a long while
I miss your voice
your soft brown hair
I miss your eyes
I miss your stare
I miss everything
our friendship, you and me
how can I get it back
when you want someone I can be?
maybe it's all for the best
I just don't see any good in this
what I want most
is the best friend I miss
is it right to sit and watch this die?
we're slowly letting go
it's hurting me so much
more than you will ever know
you want something more
that, I can't give
but I swear to you
you're the reason I live

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