The One Who Was My Friend

December 27, 2012
I'm losing my mind
I can't wait any longer
thought I was fine
I should've been stronger
so many things to say
if you would give me the time
I know you love me anyway
let me make you mine
I can walk right by you
and nothing is said
their is not a thing I can do
to get you out of my head
not a day goes by
that I don't wonder what to do
I know that in time
someday, I will be with you
you left me with a broken heart
and shattered dreams
I see what I should've from the start
and it's not everything it seems
I don't know what to do
you're stuck in my heart
why can't I forget you?
you tore my world apart
I need to turn back the clock
I need to change all of this
my heart is what I need to lock
it holds everything you'll miss
as the days go on
their seems to be no sound
I noticed the old you is gone
the one I love can't be found
every time you walk by
we'll both stare
I don't have the nerve to say hi
their isn't anything to share
I used to know you
you never knew me then
I don't know what happened to
the one who was my friend

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