The Day You Faced Your Fears

December 27, 2012
By Feeling..Alone SILVER, Bainbridge, Ohio
Feeling..Alone SILVER, Bainbridge, Ohio
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The words you said, they got to my heart, it's like you threw me away, after you tore me apart.
What's the point of trying when you won't listen to me.
I was all true, while she was all lies, and for you I surrender my heart, so watch as it dies.

You say you're ready to run away
forgive and forget,that's what they say
this time you can't stop the bleeding
to a place of darkness is where this is leading
on this road, you travel alone
the wounds inside can't be shown
you never know what's right or wrong
you can't find a place where you belong
as you look around
you see friends that let you down
close your eyes, wipe the tears
it's the day you face your fears
this is why you have a voice
be strong or scared, it's your choice
take a deep breath, stand your ground
turn your voice into sound
let them know what they did
show them the scars that you hid
just because you have the scars
doesn't mean you're not as bright as the stars
don't let them ruin your day
don't listen to the words they say
I know you've heard this all before
this time, try a little more
try to smile, forget your past
I promise your smile was made to last
you showed them what you were made of
now you can fill you life with love
love who you are
promise me you won't make another scar
no need for anymore tears
today was the day you faced your fears

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