It Was Me

December 27, 2012
She's standing on the edge
She's lost all of her friends
She's thinking to herself
"Where did it go wrong again?"
She's sitting alone in class
She speaks, everybody stares
She's hurting inside
No one bothers to care
She hears them talking
As she walks through the halls
She goes home crying
No one will answer her calls
She breks down
As she tries to stay strong
"I can't do this anymore,
it's go on to long"
She feels sorry for them
They feel happy when they cause her pain
She let them get to her
Now she's stuck in their game
They keep talking about her
But she knows it's just lies
She knows who they really are
She knows the truth behind their disguise
Along the way, she falls in love
The one who brings her down has her heart
He used to be her best friend
She's loved him from the start
She'll never know what she did
She'll never quite understand
She'll never be the same
She'll never again hold his hand
Though she has tried
Only to make him see
She says "I will do anything,
to make him love me"
He broke a promise
That he'll never know
His promise was
To never let her go
She says "He'll meet me again one day,
and then he'll see
that the girl he wanted
well it was me"

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