Declaration of Death

August 12, 2008
By Laura Glacken, Smyrna, DE

Now look me in my eyes;
Just a pool of tears
And tell me with love written
On your every hanging breath
What’s swimming in your mind
With trouble dancing on your lips;
Tell me right now and shatter this moment
I want the truth to be spoken
For your mind concocts
Such a fate for us both
But such a destiny I’ll never uncover
I want to feel your gaze penetrating me
And your heart beating for my presence
But this task is just too much to ask
So I’ll make this grave for me
And I hope you’ll be attending
My grave and solemn funeral
Because I’d rather be dead than loveless
So may this last kiss and this last embrace
Seal this declaration of my death
Because in a world of being blind to you;
I just couldn’t live it knowing you’re forever gone
I wouldn’t have it any other way my love

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