The Good Ones Getting Away

December 27, 2012
In a house full of people
I feel so alone
Do they even see me
does my pain show?
I never talk
because they never hear
Am I okay?
No, I'm far from near
I smile.
Is it real?
Probably not
that's just how I feel
I have to many thoughts
Is that bad?
I'm not so sure anymore
but I miss the life I had
Life when I was young
when I was free
I had friends
people who cared about me
Now I have regrets
I've made mistakes
told to many lies
and had a few heart breaks
I am asleep
but I am wide awake
Is this reality or a dream?
Either way it's fake
I try to make it better
sometimes I see
the life I want
exactly how I want it to be
I like this life
it's alright
but most of the time
it really bites
I want friends
I want to smile
maybe even a relationship
something that would last a while
I'm not depressed
and that's true
I just need somethings to change
What good is that going to do?
Maybe I'll understand
then I'll finally see
the people I have now
they are all I'll ever need
Do I need help?
Should I talk to someone?
What can they do?
What's done is done
I might break
but I'll be okay
There's just no way of seeing
what will happen the next day
I do feel alone
I feel betrayed
almost like my awkward smiles
have been delayed
Out of all my thoughts
to many to say
it always ends with;
The Good Ones Getting Away

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