She Cries One Last Tear

December 27, 2012
Everything is so still,
There is no sound,
She's standing outside,
She falls to the ground,
She's crying,
Crying from the pain,
As tears roll down her face,
She whispers,
"tears of shame",
Pounding thoughts in her head,
"What have I done?",
She looks at the ground and to her left,
Their lays a gun,
She's lost and confused,
Crying in the middle of a park,
No one is around,
Who will save her from the dark?
She's thinking about it,
Could she really kill herself?
All alone in this cruel world,
No one is here to help,
What would they do?
What would they say?
Would it even matter,
If she took her life today?
"Who will find me?",
"Will they even look?",
"Will they care about me,
and my life that I took?",
Clouds move in,
The sky goes gray,
Silence all around,
Then 'BOOM',their she lay,
It starts to rain,
She lays so still,
They hurt her enough,
Enough to kill,
Cold, wet and still,
No movement at all,
Eyes wide open,
Watching the rain fall,
Death in the air,
Blood on the ground,
A gun in her hand,
Unable to make a sound,
Sirens in the distance,
Her words, they can finally hear,
Dead on the ground,
She cries one last tear,

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