August 12, 2008
We run into battle,
making not a rattle,
no noise at all,
our target is confirmed.

We take him out,
the alarm is raised,
we run for our lives,
another mistake.

We all make it out,
except for Tom.
He lost his leg,
he got left behind.

We all miss him dearly,
he was a noble man,
he was very special,
he never liked to lie,
and now he is dead,
so we cry.

Why oh why,
does he have to die,
his family loved him so much,
he never did lie.

The gold star,
an honor,
we burst into tears.

Tom is dead,
now we avenge his life,
this is all but a day dream,
oh how i wish it was.

So sit tight at home,
not caring in the slightest,
the war still goes on,
but what will you do now?!

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