Your Eyes

August 12, 2008
By Cameron Miller, Rodeo, CA

These things just won't go away,
I may never see the day,
when I see your eyes again.

So beautiful they are,
so caring,
it's a work of art,
I only wish they would,
be with me,
instead of against me.

My eyes are cold,
completely helpless,
always sad,
please help me,
don't let me be!

I need love in my eyes,
it's been too long,
I know it has.

I see you every day,
with your eyes wide awake,
so beautiful.

Open your eyes,
I love you,
you don't know this,
I assure you,
I've hinted all along.

My eyes just can't see you,
away, so far away,
it pains me so much,
to not see you.

Your eyes are so beautiful,
I love you,
you are the best,
just please don't go.

You left me all alone,
no one left for this whole.

I fell back,
into the shadows,
now sad,
I'm all alone.

Your eyes,
left me,
no I can not see,
you left me all alone,
can't you see?

Now and forever I dissapear....

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