A Single Tear

August 12, 2008
By Raechel Teitelbaum, Fayetteville, NY

Over and over again, 

I play it in my head. 

For no one can hear me, 

Under the covers in bed.
I can hear their footsteps.
Walking near our door. 

For they do not ponder,
What I know.
No one Speaks of it.
But all fear.
What lies beneath,
A single tear. 

I dream of it knowingly,
In search of something valuable.
For it is not jewels I search for.
It is something that lies beneath, 

A single tear.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this piece I was sitting in my room thinking about war. An intense word for only three letters. It made me think of the Holocaust-the most horrible war of all time. So I thought that their cries from so many years ago should be known and so that it never happens again. I know people who were in the holocaust. Its a sad thing and it must be known.

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