August 12, 2008
By Taylor Bales, House Springs, MO

I'm sick of being your back up plan, The one you run to when you're lookin for a way out,
I can't be the answer to your every problem,
I have problems of my own.

I can't believe you when you tell me you've changed,
For the first time I don't want to, The only thing I've ever known you as is a coniving liar,
Well, I'm done.

I've made something for myself,
A place I can go to at anytime,
A place I was never able to go to with you,
It's in his arms, not yours.

I never wanted you to leave the first time,
Or the second, or the third,
For that matter I even gave you a fourth and fifth chance,
You didn't deserve them.

When I say I've found someone new, It's not to try to make you jealous; it's the truth,
I thought I loved you,
But I know better than to let myself love someone who did what you did.

I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear,
Then again I didn't want to hear what you had to say so many times before, I'm sorry if this bruises your heart, But you left visible ones on me.

Forgive me when I say I can't be your friend,
I don't want to share anything with you,
You've taken too much of me already, Though, there are things I'm taking back.

I'm takng back the "I love you"s, They weren't real,
I'm taking back the dignity I lost trying to fulfill your every wish, Whether I wanted to do it or not.

Even though I can't have back the
years I spent trying to get you to stay,
I don't think I would want them even if I could,
They taught me who I was and what I deserve,
Neither of which include you.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this piece of poetry was a personal relationship. We all have those people in our life that are there for a reason; this particular one taught me self-respect and dignity. I know it's hard to let people see you when you've been hurt, but learn from it, and make it your "Confession."

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