Life as a Game

December 26, 2012
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I wish Life was a Game.

Not any game.

A game where any race, religion, or ethnic origin can play.

A game where getting your first car was as easy as Grand Theft Auto.

Where getting a diploma is as easy as grabbing coins in Super Mario.

A game where the troubles will fall like the blocks of Tetris.

The world we live in however, is like a game of Call of Duty, where the noobs and the weak die and fall and the vets and the strong live in awe.

In a democracy, where equality is not equal and where the only high score is the amount of money you have in your pocket.

Where the poor and middle class are trapped in a maze hunted by the four ghost named false hope, lies, pain, and misery.

Where homes are foreclosed and are sold easier than a game of monopoly.

As we are the numbers of the grand clock of a nation that powers the gears of war, not the gears of the economy.

We are the candles that are placed on the giant cake of the government. Oh yes, the cake is a lie.

“What is that noise, I hear?” A rally of a nation’s people pissed off and unappreciated.

Yes, we all wish life was as easy as a game, where you are the controller. With a start button to begin, a pause to take a break, a shutdown to quit, and a reload to restart.

For we all need a pause button in our lives to take a break from the troubles of life. And shut down to explore the hidden stages of the world, go on various of adventures with your friends or family, and collect 151 bugs, poems, rocks, leaves, or whatever the hell you want to collect on your journey to eternal happiness. And remember 151 no more, no less. And make sure the next talk with your boss is about how kick @** your weekend is compared to his.

For life passes us by faster than the speed of Sonic. So I hope you pack your BFGs and join me on the battlefield to blow up the monsters of society of corrupt officials, diabolical bosses, and horrible depression, and accept the Medal of Honor of a true American Citizen.

As we will rise and be the ones left standing after the fallout of the post-apocalyptic generation we live in. And we shall break and rebuild and soon create and succeed as a new community. Not condemned by the evil that rules over society, but by the people once dead and now revived into the shining light of redemption.

Remember we are the mass effect that will change this world. For only God knows who makes it to the next level and who is on the eminent end of game over. So tell Life to “Get Over Here!” because you’re not done with her yet. For you still have two more quarters left.

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