When Does Ignore Lose Its Bliss?

August 12, 2008
I know what you're doing -
I'm not as stupid and oblivious
As you think I am.
I may turn away
And act like there's nothing wrong;
Crack a smile,
Make a joke,
But that's only because
It hurts too much to look at you.
It's so much easer to deny,
Then to realize
The truth...
And you know that I'm not one
To make things harder than necessary.
To be happy in life,
You have to find some sort of comfort.
And I'm sorry to say,
That you were looking in the wrong place
And found it at the end
Of a plumbing system.
When you should have known
That the answer was right here -
With me,
Surrounded by my love.
I'll heal you with my voice,
And soothe you with my words.
The only problem is,
You don't want to stop.
So I'll crack another smile,
Make another joke,
Divert my gaze
From your withering exterior,
And welcome denial as a blindfold
Once again.

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