August 12, 2008
I asked you to look at me
You did
I said do you see me?
I think “I wish”

Your eyes stare at me
I ask you “what do you see?”
You say
you’re so pretty

I push away from you,
hide my face
I want to run
run from my hate
Your eyes are burning into me
so full of concern
I’m lying to you
My heart… it hurts…

I say “Look at me!!”
You say you are
I ask
“Can you see
my blackened heart?”

You ask what’s wrong
I breathe so deep
You look
look at me
but you don’t
you can’t see
the person
locked underneath

Yeah, she’s so beautiful
but tears are in her eyes
Yeah, she’s amazing
but still she cries
Yeah she’s crazy
and you wonder why
she’s dying inside
dying inside

Yeah she loves you
but she turns away
Yeah she locks it up
and causes you pain
Yeah she would never hurt you
but she does
with things she cannot say
could never say

I ask you to look at me
but you never really can
you can never really see
who I am
the person
so far underneath

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:PBUBBLES:P said...
Apr. 18, 2009 at 3:48 pm
I love this poem! It flows so well, it's written amazingly!! Love it!!
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