August 12, 2008
You think if you don’t breathe
For just one more second
All this pain will to an end and
You won’t have to deal with it anymore
No more cutting your wrist
On the bathroom floor
You think if you just don’t get up
Ever again
You never have to be disappointed
Or broken
Into two by those who surround you
And your heart
Those who love to
Rip you a part
From the inside out
Or the outside in
Doesn’t matter because they always win
Beating your young self
Into the ground
You scream so loud
But no sound
Is heard or
No one really cares
Do they even see you?
Do they know you’re there?
Life’s a***is what they tell you
Tell God to make you stronger
You want to know why
He keeps making life harder
And life keeps pushing you down
Every time you try to stand
The pain and the hurt
Are what you can’t understand
Because it’s so complex
And so confusing
And you are so hurt
And so used and
You can’t understand it
So you hold your breath
Praying for God
To end the seconds
And you get up
Staring into the face
Of someone you don’t trust
Someone you hate
And as your head spins
Your body feels light
You stare into the eyes
That used to be so bright
Your life passes before you
And you think you’re going to die
All at once you gasp
And tears fill your eyes
You realize your mistake
That you had been making for so long
Closing off your heart
And not letting in love
That was always right there
If you just would have opened your eyes
You stare into the mirror
The reflection of bright eyes
That are filled with something
you thought you didn’t know
You look into the reflection
Of a face filled with hope

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