Love Me For Never

August 11, 2008
By Amber Marie Kilbry, Grand Haven, MI

Touch my heart
Feel my insecurities
Look into my eyes
See my imperfections
Listen to my words
They tell all secrets
My flaws
This is all I have
Nothing is all that I’ve got
My emotions brim to the surface of my soul
And yet I am empty inside
I burn to the depths
The shame and the agony
I cannot bear
The trees and the rocks
The dirt and the flowers
They judge me with natural beauty
That to which I have none
They look upon the forsaken
And they tremble in my wake
For the wicked they must not be
And the pain they do not see
They cannot feel the hurt
The madness
The agony inside
I am nothing they could ever be a part of
Every side of me has died
Breath of insanities
And the winds of hellfire
All are condemned to my fate
Burning death
Hateful love
The heart deceives

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