Where I'm From

August 11, 2008
By Moriah Potts, Temple, GA

I am from cornrows and flip-flops,
From playing hopscotch and connect the dots
I am from loud music all night long
From parties that don’t end until the break of dawn
I am from tropical plants
To never ending palm trees
From walking down the scorching hot streets
And feeling no breeze

I am from loud sirens and horns in the middle of the night
To standing at the crime scene trying not to cringe at the sight
From being scared all my life
To conquering all my fears
To being the strong person that I am today
Even though I’ve had to shed plenty tears

I am from family reunions every two years
To lil’ cousins doin’ the wu-tang without any fears
I am from auntie Pumpkin……….no not form Flava Flav
Though she doesn’t spit on people, she rarely ever behaves
From my twin Valencia, since family can’t tell us apart
To my genuinely crazy mama, who I love with all my heart

I am from Goombay festivals and dancing Junkanoos
To eating conch salad, tamarinds and Spanish limes too

I am from be quiet, stop talking so much
And please go clean your room
To keep God first, respect your elders, and use every gift God has given you as a special tool

I am from Miami, Florida, where culture is very much alive
To the shores of Spain, from which my ancestors arrived

From my nana being the neighborhood nurse
To even rescuing sick cats
From traveling as far as the car would take her
To bringing all those crazy stories back

I am from my grandmother’s photo albums, dating back to only God knows when
From videos and oral stories of how my family began.

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