Parents That Are of Foreign Countries

August 11, 2008
By Kemi A, Upper Marlboro, MD

They just don't understand.
And they probably never will.
I wish I could make her feel the pain when she denies me.
Or make him feel the pain when he neglects me.
Or make them feel the pain when they desert me, and blame me,
Or when I feel deserted, or blamed.
I wish I could make her understand,
That I'm no longer a newborn.
That I'm not in preschool.
That I can prepare my own food.
I can wash my own clothes.
I can cross the street on my own.
And I can leave her on the otherside.
To get him to understand that,
I am ready to take on the world.
That I'm smarter than he thinks.
I am independent, so much that the law would allow.
I have my own future,
And it's not up to him to decide.
I wish I could make them understand that,
I like being alone, sometimes.
That I don't always want them around.
That they don't always have to be around.
That if I could, I would.
But when I can't, it's never my fault.
And I can take care of myself,
To an extent.
That I am mature.
I wish they could see, that,
We grew up in different places,
And in different cultures.
And we went to different types of schools.
And we have different friends.
And that we percieve the world differently.
And that they're not always right.
And that I'm not always wrong.
I wish I could let them know that,
I love them.
I really do love them.
I need them around.
I care for them.
I live for them.
I'd do anything in the world for them.
I'd lay down my life for them.
I'd kill for them.
And I'm crying every so much for them.
But I don't let them see my tears.
Because they'd never understand why I'm crying.
Or why I cry.

But I do because they'll never understand
That it's hard.
And I'm trying to be the best that I can.
That I'm trying to make them proud.
That I only desire the best for them.
And that they're happy.
But they see my tears and don't seem to care.
They'll never understand.

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