Hearts and Minds

December 23, 2012
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I don't mean to be racist
But I wish all were black and white
These gray areas make me exhausted
And keep me awake at night

There is a dream in my heart
And another dream within
They seem to work together
And yet only one can win

I long to be with her
Both now and in years to come
But when I try in the present
My work does not get done

This work is my education
And with it I'll have a way
To provide for her forever
And support her everyday

So which is more important
Her future or her now
My heart likes to think her present
But my mind screams her future! out loud

So which is more important
Is it my mind, or is it my heart
And which one should I follow
Will one tear her heart apart

My mind plans for the future
But cannot see past right now
Whilst my heart lives for the present
But can feel even further out

So I'll be with her today
And not worry about tomorrow
For we don't know what it will bring
But we have our hearts to follow

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