The Breakup

August 13, 2008
Are you really up there?

Do you even care

That I am here?

Do you sense my fears?

Can you feel my tears?

I guess not


You cause me pain

Saying its all part of the game

But it makes me ask

What do I have to gain?

Gain from a relationship with you?

But I’ve decided:

I through.

I’m sick and tired of guessing

And trying to understand

Why you are messing

With my mind,

Why you are always

Leaving me behind.

Cause when I try to see You

My vision is blurred.

And when I try to talk to You

I am not heard.

When I try to feel You

I am only deterred.

But I want to believe

Shouldn’t that be enough?

Enough to be

Retrieved. Released. Relieved.

From this confusion?

I want an answer

I need an answer

I can’t take it any longer

I feel my hate for you

Growing stronger.

But You pull the train away

Before I can get to the station

And so I try to pray,

But with each missed trip,

I feel my grip

Loosening until finally

I’m gone-

I am forever withdrawn.

So I guess this is it:

We’re done.

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MELLOW said...
Aug. 25, 2008 at 4:19 pm
Hey there Sarah your poem is quite the piece of artwork in my words i gotta say. I had a small period in life where i was in the same form of displayed as your poem explains so flawlessly. Great job really i must say.
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