100% of you

August 13, 2008
By Robert Burton, San Antonio, TX

Your gift to me was a blessing from the heaven's and mercy sent from an angelic song;
But the fact that your beauty wasn't seen by man made our life together a burden as well;
Everyone wanted your song for their own.

100% of you...

Even as we walked down golden streets that grew for our eyes only shady untamed faces grew like black roses mocking my efforts;
Within the cracks of every line that could break, between our hands that shake due to the reason both of us was unsure;
So even as light poured through i could see their fingers all over you.

100% of you...

So with every passing day i can feel our hearts pushing away and our eyes fading with only regret;
For some reason i can feel your soft hands leaving my empty heart-shaped mess;
They are so close i can see them now with their fingers running down your neck..

As i try to protect the best thing i ever had yet.

The author's comments:
Love is rare, people grow scared of the fact of losing an object.Love can not be created, made or found...its a blissful mistake handle to the few who are lucky to get it.

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