My love

December 11, 2012
You are ashamed to show your inner self, or at least so you were.
Now everything has changed, and it has caused within us both a stir.
I will never forget the times we’ve had.
If only those memories hadn’t turned so bad.
Now we have grown, and with our growth we mature.
I cannot get close, for you have taken on a new stature.
This you, I do not like, I wish for you to return.
Now you wear a mask of new life and through it you have been reborn.
However, this will not hinder me in my true quest.
For I seek your heart and until I have I shall not rest.
They whisper your name and speak of you.
But you pay no heed, for your strength ensues.
My chest aches when we sit near each other.
And when you look at me, my heart falls asunder.
I have hidden these feelings, but now I show them.
In a crummy poem, only for you my thoughts stem.
Whenever I am with you, I feel giddy.
Even if I am gibed at, I may shake like a newborn kitty.
With thoughts of you by my side nothing could bring me down.
But with you by my side, never again would I frown.
So that is all, I have tried my best.
I hope that our relationship never again be put to the test.

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