December 21, 2012
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A pernicious virus plagues
The world we fail to know
Bending our minds to dictators
Who demand the impossible.

Inevitable infections, vanquished vaccination
Leaves us with but much to endure
Under weight that fails to be locked away
Back breaking, it is, back breaking, I say.

An exponential growth
The virus feeds on nothing
Yet multiplies to infinity
Leaving more to be deceived.

A telltale symptom lies in the mind
All cognitive senses are muted
Thoughts fail to organize themselves
Into a cohesive structure.

Indeed thoughts are dissected
Into five impugning categories
Which are failures to define
A true, non phony, honest thought.

The second symptom is the loss of sight
We are rendered blind from tactical use
All we see are pervasive numbers
Calculations that could cause instant heart failure. 

The virus proceeds to bloodbath and violence
A military stance, it is poised
To mislead us into blaming another
Bipolar from tea parties to war.

The virus's propaganda does not quite
Prevent us from seeing completely
We have a false sense of security
Given courteously, received stupidly.

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