Imagination: A Rare Thing

December 10, 2012
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A daunting man appeared in front me
‘A trip, a trip, we must see!’
Where must we go? I silently pondered
‘We musn’t think, there’s no time to wander!’
5 I followed him into a treacherous land
What a funny-looking thing he had in his hand!
‘Oh, don’t mind me, don’t look at this light!’
‘It’s quite a device that will blind your sight!’
8 Surely it was bright, but ever so rare
But never would I touch it, what a dare!
We stepped into a land with much mythical creatures
Creatures with triangular narrow eyes, my, what a feature!
11 The man waved the device around without a care
It seemed to give the animals air
Their chests puffed up, and they looked at me with a glare
As though I was some big ferocious bear!
12 They all came towards me, hand in hand
Thinking I was a villain, ruining their land
The man stood there, with such a grin
‘You must, you must, look within!’
16 These creatures are going to hurt me, I am destined for doom!
The blinding device appeared in my hand, started blinking, and then went KABOOM!
My eyes popped open, and I sat up in my bed
The magical device sat in my hand, and attached was a little note, & it read:
19 ‘Imagination is a delicate thing we dream
A beautiful thing taken for granite, it may seem
But do not let go of what you see
Because you have the power to let it be.’
20 The diamond shaped device was only visible to me
The reason why, because I let it be
I look back onto what I had seen
& realized it was all a dream

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