December 10, 2012
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A while ago in a city called Crell,
There was a young Maiden whom they called Bell.
She had fine dark hair that hung to her waist.
And one day while walking to town with haste,
She ran into a man and lost her thought,
Of the aw-striking beauty she begot.
“…Alms for the poor?” He asked with slight blush.
“Do not bother me! I am in a rush!
You’re old and ugly! Get out of my way!”
“Careful lass, you’d best think of what you say.”

Her beautiful face hid the monster within.
But there in the forest she showed her sin.
As she past him he called, “leaving so soon?
Won’t you accept a gift from an old loon?”
As she looked the man pulled out a mirror.
“Here take this gift to see yourself clearer.”
She snatched it, left, and soon made it to town,
Not until then did she first look down.
Reflected back was a hideous beast,
Bell’s beauty, to her eyes, seemed to have ceased.

She looked in the water to no avail,
For reflected back right there in the pail,
Was the beast that remained for many years.
This beast was now the biggest of Bell’s Fears.
She trudged towards home but couldn’t see how
To ever be happy the way she looked now.
She thought this as she walked home one night late,
But then a small boy came and changed Bell’s fate.
“For you,” he said handing her a flower.
The small boy’s gesture had such great power!

“But I am ugly!” Bell sadly confessed.
“The flower is for you,” the child professed.
Bell ran towards home with new understanding.
She flew up the stairs and over the landing.
She ran into her room with one thing in mind,
The mirror she never wanted to find,
She threw from the window and to snow covered trees,
To hide in the ice among the leaves.
“I am free!” Bell declared, happy at last.
She no longer yearned for her prideful past.

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