Dancing in the Rain

December 20, 2012
By CassieThompson SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
CassieThompson SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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-Albert Einstein

There’s a prickle on my neck, and a trickle down my cheek;
There’s a pitter-patter sound that’s softly growing;
There’s a softly-dimming light, not quite day and not quite night,
And the water feels so cold I think it’s snowing.
There’s a world that’s washed in grey, and the sun has gone away,
There’s a rumble, and the still air seems to quiver;
There’s a fog, a mist, a haze, Heaven’s tears obscure my gaze,
And a cool breeze blows, caresses, makes me shiver.
There’s the smell of dampened dirt, moisture clinging to my shirt,
There’s a sky of grey, a massive cloudy plain,
There’s a prickle on my neck, and a trickle down my cheek,
And I’m leaping, twirling, dancing in the rain.

The author's comments:
Written as a companion to my piece 'Tempest'.

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