Ghazal: Poaching

December 20, 2012
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We do not know they’re disappearing
Though experts show they’re disappearing.

Hunting supporters turn blind
While others say, “No, they’re disappearing.”

Envied pieces from innocent creatures:
Rhino, deer, elephant, crow; they’re disappearing.

Still the world has no knowledge or care
Even though they’re disappearing.

African poachers hunt with skill –
Gun, spear, bow – they’re disappearing.

So few work to save them;
Poachers prevail, so they’re disappearing.

Our overwhelming ignorance is the reason
Creatures fall, bloods flow, they’re disappearing.

In the world many casually buy ivory,
Not knowing they are pro their disappearing.

A large-eyed child reads a book of poached species
And says, “Whoa, they’re disappearing.”

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