My Best Friend

December 18, 2012
By brellen98 BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
brellen98 BRONZE, Zanesville, Ohio
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Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing ❤

We've had our disagreements and our troubles too
Fought about the stupid stuff through and through

We've made fun and hurt each others feelings
Sometimes we both forget we're both human beings

We've cried our tears together but laughed together too
Even through the hard times, together we won't lose

Our memories together is something that can't be bought
Sometimes we think we hate each other but we love each other a lot

In all the rumors and gossip we both sometimes feel down
Then we remember all the times together we've acted like clowns

She's always been there to cheer on me when I needed it
I've always cheered her right back on for it only seemed fit

I've had some hard times, and she's always been there for me
And when she's needed an arm to lean on, I'm always there you see

When people talk behind her back, I always stand up for her
Because I know if she were me, she'd do the same for sure

She's had her heart broken, and mine has been broken too
But we just have to laugh at all the things we've been through

People often tell me that she's just a backstabber
I just have to laugh and say, "you see that's just not her."

I used to think that no one cared or wanted to be my friend
But when I I met her, she quickly put that to an end

She sometimes has to wonder why people treat her mean
It's because they haven't seen her they way I have seen

They haven't had our moments where we've laughed until we cried
Or when we were so embarrassed we just wanted to die

They haven't had our blond moments, or when we just had to sigh
Or when we wrote fake love letters to some random guy

They haven't been through what we have, I can guarantee that
They haven't had our little talks or our late night chats

They don't know what we're afraid of, or our deepest fear
They haven't seen the way we see when each other shed a tear

They haven't seen us cry until there were no more tears
They haven't stood by us when we needed someone to hear

They haven't been with us, when no one else was near
Or done the random stupid stuff when no one else was there

Yes, we've had disagreements and some troubles too
But, without you as my best friend I don't know what I'd do

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem a couple of weeks ago when my best friend and I were going through a rough patch. She cried as she read it! <3

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