February 28, 2008
By Cassandra Richards, Cincinnati, OH

Show Ponies
Riding along in small circles
Wonder if they ever yearn?
To be free, away to themselves
Never having to fear being trapped.
I asked my father
If they knew that there is more than just walls.
He didn’t have to ask
Whom I was asking after
“It promotes discipline. No change. No rebellion.
It makes you into a well-behaved person”
But I did not see it this way.
It was cruel.
It was lonely.
With their eyes saddened
Trudging along to their master’s beat.
With their master’s tasteless demands
Dreaming to them seems to be impaired
Poor Show Ponies
Maybe they’ll never be free.
Forever in the darkness
Forever stuck between themselves and reality
With no change, no rebellion
No. Only discipline
Along with emptiness.

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