Sarah Smiles

December 16, 2012
‘Sarah Smiles
Like Sarah doesn’t care”
But that’s just a mask
To see the truth peel back a layer

Like an onion
It can make you cry
But brush away the tears
And see wear the truth lies

This girl never knew love
She’s lived in fifteen different homes
Being bounced from family to family
Her birth family never written in stone

Sarah’s never had real friends
Only the average back-stabbing b****
They never really cared for her
They’d leave her dying in a ditch

She’s never heard her true laugh
With no one to laugh with
She’s never saw her real smile
For she had no happiness to give

She decided to head south
No reason to stay; no family, smile, or laughs
Forty eight hours, twelve hundred miles
She’s done the math, traced the path

Sarah’s packed her bags
She’s set the date
Her mind tells her to stay
But she’s not taking the bait

One morning she wakes up
And steps out the door
She thinks she’s ready to make it one her own
She doesn’t know what she’s in for

That day she disappears
Never seen again
Her family sits and waits
Wondering were she’s been

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