First Day of Scared

February 22, 2008
The word I could use to describe myself
As I stride through the glass doors,
Which are covered in posters.
My eyes wander the halls.
Wondering what I should do,
I explore the place nervously.

A cluster of kids gather in the commons.
I stroll over, some of them eyeballing me.
Suddenly I become more comfortable,
I notice my friends from previous schools.
Feeling all my confidence building up,
I saunter towards them and their companions.
They greet me kindly and introduce their friends.
I speak to them as friendly as I could be.
They appear to be pleasant.
I suddenly remember to pick up my schedule.

“Bbbbrrrriiinnng!” is the reverberation I hear.
The crowd starts moving through the hallways,
They look like they know what they are doing,
So I followed them, catching up with my friends.
When I reach the 7th grade pod,
I scanned all the vaults for my locker.
Finding the correct one, I twisted the lock.
Once I picked out the books I decided to take,
I glared at my schedule trying to find the precise class.
Science; full of dissection and experiments.
I appeared early to that class. Fortunately.
Since it was the first day of school,
The teacher clarified our activities for this year.
I proceed to Social Studies, followed by Language Arts,
All the way to Pre-Algebra, the worst class.
Which started by being late,
All the 8th graders noticed.
Finally, lunchtime, not the best either.
I ate with the 8th graders.
My lunch buddies were unknown,
So I decided someone friendly would suit me.
I sat with three girls I met in different classes.

Halfway through the day,
I am still alive, thank-you God.
Hours six and seven seemed to fly by.
Seventh hour was Art. Excitement filled my body.
Drawing and painting happen to be talents of mine.
Today we created our folders.
“Vibrant” I thought.
As I carefully sketched each line the hour flew by,
And before I know it I am a quarter way done with my project.
It is time for 8th hour.

In all the rush of getting to the right classes,
I forgot my P.E. shoes.
In dreadful agony I sprint down the halls,
Even though there is a rule in the school about no running.
Opening my locker I grab the shoes,
And quickly scurry all the way across the school,
Down to the Gym.
It seems as though I was not in trouble.
The Physical Education teacher illustrated a lecture,
Two eighth graders standing next to the teacher,
My class on one side,
While puny munchkins filled the space on the other.
It seemed that we were supposed to pick out our lock,
And our locker and also pick up a uniform.
This course seemed simple.
Of course, it is Physical Education.
When the bell rang, my racing heart returned to its normal pace.

The word sounds so relaxing.
Flopping down on the couch,
I close my eyes and think about the rest of the year.
“How was the first day of school?” I hear coming from Mom.
Sitting up, I stare directly at her,
While I duplicate the adventure I experienced in the past eight hours.

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