Inside and Out

December 17, 2012
By RojerThatCat ELITE, Canoga, California
RojerThatCat ELITE, Canoga, California
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"We all can be only what we are, nothing more, or less."- Sword of Truth (Kahlan)

Open your eyes and look at me
Do you see what I can't see?
Behind my hardened barrier
Is something even scarier
With tears falling from your face
I simply walk away to give you space
You shout at me, calling me cold
The tragic events begin to unfold
Day by day I slowly slip away
Storing my feelings, keeping them at bay
You expect me to be like others my age
Normal, but you don't see what goes on backstage
Inside I'm screaming and crying
Inside and out, I'm honestly trying
All I have to show are these scars
While my peers get a job well done along with golden stars
Save me from myself
For years I've been left on this dusty shelf
Alone in this place I call home
Yet it feels like I've always been on the outside of this dome

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