How Much Do You Love Me?

February 17, 2008
By Megen Snyder, Fostoria, OH

~ How much do you love me? ~
~ For me would you cross a thousand seas ~
~ Would you walk a million miles ~
~ Just to see my simple smile ~
~ Would you stare at me all night long ~
~ Even past the break of dawn ~
~ Would you hold me close and be my beau ~
~ Would you hold me close and never let go ~
~ Would you sweep me off my feet ~
~ By saying I’ve touched your heart with such a heat ~
~ Would you steal my heart away ~
~ “I would do anything for you,” you say ~
~ But would leave everything you have behind ~
~ Just so you could be mine ~
~ Would you sky-dive from ten-thousand feet ~
~ For me a precious treasure would you seek ~
~ If I fell into a pit of doom ~
~ Would you save me from its gloom ~
~ You say you love me oh so much ~
~ But how much do you love me would you do such

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