December 6, 2012
all my life, the darkness chased the light
chased away the darkness, my smile
tears filled my eyes, a blade filled my hand
i ignored the depression, living in denial

then a girl came into my life
ginger, insane, twisted, scarred
in my eyes perfect
i saw no flaws

she chased away my darkness
filled me with life
she saved me from myself
and the sharp blade of a knife

she brought back my true smile
put the sparkle back in my eye
she makes me smile like chesire cat
no longer do i lie, saying i'm fine

some were saved my music
some there skin htey mangle
but i was saved by shelby
she is my gaurdian angel

all my life the darkness chased the light
chased awsy my smile
but then i was saved, brought back to life
my smile's returned. i no longer live in denial

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