She Reached Out to Him in the Darkness

February 16, 2008
By Katie Reinstatler, West Carrollton, OH

She reached out to him in the darkness
Begging for his help
But when she wanted to speak
No words came out
She failed to find what she needed to say

He called for her
But she could not hear
And every time she shouted
Not a single sound appeared
And she was left alone
And he was left alone
Each waiting for the other
To come to save them both

She laid there on the floor
Slowly giving into the pain and the hate
Everything that surrounded her
Was all the reason she needed to just give up and die
There was only one thing that kept her alive all this time

But now,
Even that is gone

She cannot hear his voice
And she cannot use her own

He is trapped
She is trapped
Both in their own little worlds

He begged for her to come to him
Desperately calling for her to reach out
But she was too weak to do a thing

She had never been so in love
She had never felt so loved
She’d never had this feeling before
It was too good to be true
She couldn’t ask for more

And whenever she looked at him
She couldn’t help but smile
And he smiled back
They loved each other
What more could either ask for?

But she was trapped
Isolated in a corner
Being destroyed each and every second
Of each and every day
Slowly but surely
But they found a way
To kill her inside
And make her want to end her life

And when he heard her say the words
“Life just isn’t worth living anymore”
He couldn’t believe it
How could someone he loved so much,
Feel the way that she did?

Out of shock
He stared into her eyes
Then grasped onto her
And told her she was all wrong
Life WAS worth living
But she couldn’t believe it
No matter how hard she tried

And in this final hour
As she lies here on the floor
Giving into the hate
And all the pain
She regrets everything
And in this last moment
He comes to her
He has finally reached her

He held onto her tight
Begging for it not to be so
He couldn’t let her go

She looked in his eyes
And said a few simple words:

“I love you.”
“You mean the world to me,”
“And you’ve given more to me than I could ever ask for,”
“Hear me one last time”
“I love you and,”
“I’m sorry…”
“For everything…”
In that moment she took her last breath
After saying the very last words she would ever get to say
He couldn’t believe his eyes

She lay there
In his arms

How could this happen?

Every moment of their time spent together
Flashed before his eyes
What had he done wrong?
Was there anything he could have done at all?

He held onto her tight
Not wanting to let go
Crying softly on her head
Letting the tears fall
And not even caring who saw

They had to pry her away from him
It tore him apart when he saw them take her away
But she was no longer here
A fact he didn’t want to face

The night after the funeral,
As he was going to bed,
He saw someone
Standing there beside him

It was her

She had come to visit
One last time
But she didn’t say a word

In one swift movement
She touched his face
Wiped the tears that he was crying away
And gently kissed him goodnight
For the very last time

The kiss…
Of an angel.

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