Love, is it Really worth it?

December 15, 2012
Is it really worth it?
Why is there love when, there will always be hate?
Why do we even try to go find it, when it won’t be there when we need it?
Too many times have we fallen into nothingness, nothing meaning no love?
Yes it has been said there will be love for us if we search for it.
Though how many times have we searched for it and found nothing?
How many times did we do that?
I don’t know that’s why I don’t even try to fall in love or even try to have a crush on someone.
Now I’ve read what I’ve said and well now that’s change for me a lot.
I didn’t even know that I could find love or even a chance at it.
I think I found something close to it; well it will leave me next month.
That the sad part about Love, once we find it….
It disappears away too quickly for us to grab it or even a piece of it.
I can’t say I will find it or even I had it once.
I know for sure though this could be my last chance at finding it.
And if it is
I will
And I will go find a different thing to go chase.
Love is that why we live?

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