The Baker and the Barber

February 7, 2008
By Josh Wilson, Shoreline, WA

Silken steps fall on the street tonight
Mischief is prowling about!

Inky smoke fills her eyes up
Out of the oven and into the-
The fire is alive
And lusts for blood

Savory and sweet meats
Baked in dough and served with ale
Nothing better than a pie…
What is this, sir?

They cry in despair, to the air
Demons are prowling about!

There is great black pit
Where no bird sings
A foolish mistake
He made only once

Never again, never forget
Never forgive them
The sky is blackened
And the rest are guilty of it

The soft glow of a silver knife in the box
Makes him smile, for a while
The drip of rubies on the floor
Precious, precious rubies…

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