World of Me

January 16, 2008
The power plant in my head harms the environment
From fog and rain, to sunshine and rainbows
The toxic waste pollutes my head with every thought.
Every thought processed through this power plant
into my mind and body has an impact.
A thought that just hits you and explodes like
Like a crater from outer space
crashing into the world,
the world of me.
The environment is affected with every harmful pollutant,
Every pollutant released into
The world of me.
There is nothing that can clean or purify this air,
The air you breathe in and take everyday.
The world surrounding you and me,
The world of me.

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Lothro said...
Oct. 25, 2010 at 9:17 pm
hello. i too live in mequon. just thought you might like to know there is someone alse who is a writer in our tiny town.
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